Texas A&M University Basketball Training Facility

Texas A&M University Basketball Training Facility
The final phase of construction will make the Momentum Campus a fantastic sports complex to support NCAA sport activities as well as provide student recreational activities and instruction.

SportsPLAN Studio served as programming and design consultant for VisSpiro Strategies in the planning of a new basketball training facility for the Islanders. The men’s team plays its games off campus in the American Bank Center, where daily team practices are not practical.

Our work included developing three alternative program documents, concept plans and cost estimates for consideration by the Board. The first is a substantial renovation to the existing field house. The second is a Field House renovation with the addition of a second practice gymnasium, and the third is a new basketball practice facility connected to a proposed new arena on the Momentum Campus across Oso Bay.

The new facility option includes locker rooms, two team lounges and two video meeting rooms for the Men’s and Women’s teams. Each of the two practice gymnasiums provides a full-size practice court and five additional goals. Both teams will share a strength training center, a sports medicine center with hydrotherapy and injury rehabilitation spaces, a laundry and equipment management center and a large classroom. Connecting all of these team spaces is a daylighted two story gallery for trophies and graphic displays. The second floor includes office suites for both coaching staffs with observation and videography balconies above the practice courts. Each head coach will have a conference room and an exterior balcony for casual meetings or hospitality functions.


Feasibility Study
Design/Build Criteria
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

Two Practice Gymnasia
Strength Training Center
Sports Medicine Center
Team Locker Rooms and Lounges
Team Meeting Rooms
Study Center
Basketball Office Suites
Project Manager: Joel Leider
Design/Builder: VisSpiro Strategies
Construction Cost: $18 million
Owner Reference: John Casey,
Interim Director Facilities Services
Completion Date: Current
Texas A&M University Basketball Training FacilityTexas A&M University Basketball Training Facility