Hendrix College Athletic and Recreation Facilities Master Plan

Hendrix College Athletic and Recreation Facilities Master Plan
Visionary plans for a 160-acre Academic Village development and expansion of the College’s athletic programs required a strategy to relocate existing athletic facilities and design new ones.
"We talked to several of the Master Plan Completion Date: 2005 national sports consultants, and their clients before we found Joel Leider and SportsPLAN Studio... Our Architect was very comfortable with Joel and it was clear that SportsPLAN would perfectly complement our project team."
- Tim Cloyd, Ph.D.,
President Hendrix College
(addressing the Trustees)

Following completion of a longrange master plan, Hendrix College determined the need to develop an athletics and recreation complex. With assistance from their trusted architect, the College engaged SportsPLAN Studio to guide the programming process for a 100,000 square foot Wellness/Athletic Center and to complete the planning for a 22-acre complex of varsity sports and intramural fields.

Discussions with all varsity coaches, recreation staff and administration officials resulted in development of 14 alternative master plan concepts. SportsPLAN Studio assisted the College in assessing the alternatives and selecting a preferred scheme for implementation in three stages.

SportsPLAN Studio also prepared construction documents for a new varsity soccer field, a 400-meter track and a synthetic turf sports field, and new varsity baseball and softball fields.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

100,000 SF Wellness/Athletic Center
New Aquatic Center
New Baseball/Softball Clubhouse
New 400-meter Track
Synthetic Turf Sports Field
New Soccer Stadium
Possible Future Ice Rink
New Baseball Stadium
New Softball Stadium
New Outdoor Tennis Courts
New Indoor Tennis Center
Project Planner: Joel Leider
Construction Cost: $23 million
Owner Reference: Danny Powell, A.D.
Master Plan Completion Date: 2005
Hendrix College Athletic and Recreation Facilities Master PlanHendrix College Athletic and Recreation Facilities Master Plan