University of Saint Mary Campus Master Plan

niversity of Saint Mary Campus Master Plan
The importance of athletics to student life revealed the best location for new stadium facilities will be on the pastoral USM campus.

Supporters of University of Saint Mary desired a new stadium to be constructed to support the Varsity Football, Soccer and Track programs. The size of the facility and the compact and pastoral nature of the campus suggested that the new stadium might require more area than is available on the campus. Several other properties were identified and studied. During the course of master planning the overall campus, it was discovered that Athletics provides a significant construct for community and student life on campus. With nearly 60% of the students involved in Athletics, these activities are critical to the USM experience. As a result of these findings, it became critical to maintain these facilities on campus, rather than on more remote properties. In exploring the available site area as well as the convenience and intimacy of the stadium, USM decided to develop two venues: a soccer stadium of approximately 500-800 seats, and a football/ track stadium accommodating 1200-1500 seats. The two venues will share spectator amenities, athlete support facilities and a common entrance. Included in the project are an expanded strength and conditioning center, coaches’s offices and a press box with hospitality accommodations. In addition, reconfiguration and reassignment of existing space to accommodate expanded athletic training facilities, locker rooms, offices and storage will be considered. Design is scheduled to begin in late summer, 2014.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

Soccer Stadium, 500-800 Seats
Football/Track Stadia, 1200-1500 Seats
Administrative Offices
Weight Room Renovations
Project Programmer: Pam Scott
Prime Consultant: Hollis & Miller Architects
Project Cost: $7 Million
Owner Reference: Sister Diane Steele, University President
Completion Date: Track/Soccer - 2010
Field House - 2012
University of Saint Mary Campus Master PlanUniversity of Saint Mary Campus Master Plan