Oakland Alameda County Coliseum

Oakland Alameda County Coliseum
A modern-day arena, complete with suites, VIP lounge and expanded spectator amenities was to be retrofitted into the historic 1960s Oakland Alameda Coliseum Arena.
"As part of the program management team, Pam and her colleagues provided invaluable insight and guidance relative to the space programming and design specifications for the facility. Pam’s group tested the capacity of the existing building envelope to accommodate the programmed space and components required."
- Day Hilborn, AIA

When the Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum Authority determined that the existing 1960s arena required modernization to provide the spectator amenities common in newer arenas, SportsPLAN Studio principal Pam Scott assisted in determining an appropriate program of space requirements and the capacity of the existing arena to accommodate it. Her role was to represent the Authority in working with the Warriors to create a mutually agreeable program and clear scope of work within the budget.

The extent and nature of the improvement/expansion was based on the need to accommodate more spectators, increase the number of suites and to improve services and safety. The development of a design criteria document outlining the extent of the project and the budget was required to conduct a design-build competition. Coordination between the Warriors and the Authority was critical in achieving a successful solution.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

$90 Million
19,000 Seat Arena
64 Private Suites
NBA Team Locker Rooms
Performer Support Areas
8,000 SF Club Lounge
Programming Consultant: Pam Scott
Architect of Record: HNTB Architects
Project Cost: $90 million
Owner Reference: Day Hilborn, AIA
Completion Date: 1998
Oakland Alameda County ColiseumOakland Alameda County Coliseum