City of Calgary, Recreation and Sports Master Plan

City of Calgary, Alberta Foothills Fieldhouse
The demand for indoor field space was clear and created the opportunity to set Calgary apart with the inclusion of the unique venues for cycling and long course track.

Significant improvements were required to upgrade and fully utilize the facilities in the Glenmore and Foothills Athletics Parks in Calgary. SportPLAN Studio, in association with S2 Architecture, developed a Master Plan for each of these parks to provide high-level competition-capable facilities while meeting the needs of all Calgarians for a variety of recreational opportunities. Each park was considered a neighborhood amenity, as well as a complementary venue for city-wide and regional events and programs. Considered together, the facilities to be provided are suitable for provincial and even, national sporting events.

The most significant shortage of space discovered during the extensive interviews of stakeholders was indoor field space. To meet this need and to distinguish Calgary’s sporting capabilities, each park accommodates a unique venue. A 333.3-meter velodrome with infield court and field facilities will be included at the Glenmore site and an indoor, 400-meter track with infield soccer field and 8 basketball/volleyball courts capable of accommodating 10,000 spectators will be located at Foothills. Twin ice sheets with spectator capability will be included in each park, as well as teaching and competition aquatics facilities, fitness and strength training, athletic training and numerous outdoor field venues.

The Foothills project has been approved by the City as fund raising continues.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

333.3-meter Velodrome with Infield Court and Field Facilities
400-meter Indoor Track with Infield Soccer Fields, Batting Cages
8 Indoor Basketball, Volleyball
10,000 Spectator Seating
2 Facilities with Twin Ice Sheets
2 Competition Aquatic Centers with Fitness, Strength and Athletic Training
Project Architect: Pam Scott
Architect of Record: S2 Architecture
Project Cost: $455.4 million, Canadian
Owner Reference: Thomas Hansen,
City of Calgary Recreation
Completion Date: June 2010
City of Calgary, Alberta Foothills FieldhouseCity of Calgary, Alberta Foothills Fieldhouse