Brown University Fitness and Aquatics Center

Brown Nelson Fitness Center
To help them understand the nuances of collegiate recreation and athletic facilities, Stern’s office surveyed the field and selected SportsPLAN Studio. Our successful collaboration continues to serve the University well.

When an Ivy League institution tackles a big project, they usually work with the best designers in the world. Brown University selected Robert A.M. Stern Architects, known for their sensitivity to high quality and timeless traditional design.

We have guided the designers and their clients in the early stages of design as we evaluated options on a very challenging site, surrounded by the University’s competitive athletic facilities. During this phase of the work, the University determined that problems with its aging Smith Swim Center could only be solved by replacement.

Designed as a respectful and conversant neighbor, the new Fitness and Aquatics Center will provide a variety of new play spaces for the students of Brown University and RISD while introducing an architectural sense of order among the University’s sports facilities.

SportsPLAN Studio has guided the functional planning and designed spectator grandstands for the Swim Center. We have produced plans for the various locker rooms, for a squash pavilion of six courts and for the fitness center and varsity strength center equipment.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

94,000 SF
10,000 SF Varsity Strength and Conditioning
9,000 SF Fitness Loft
Three Group Exercise/Dance Studios
Ten Locker Rooms
56-meter pool
Project Architect: Joel Leider
Architect of Record: Robert A.M. Stern Architects
Project Cost: $50 million
Owner Reference: Matthew Tsimikas
Completion Date: 2012
Brown Pool-3-8480- editBrown Weight Room 2