Oregon State University Merritt Truax Indoor Center

Oregon State University Merritt Truax Indoor Center
On game day, the field house provides an ideal venue for large Alumni gatherings, just across the street from Reser Stadium. It really is a great addition to the planned athletic precinct.
"Thanks, Joel. You have Completion Date: September 2001 done a great job for us."
- Greg Goracke,
Associate Athletic Director, Oregon State University

Coinciding with the Beavers’ amazing run to national prominence and a BCS Fiesta Bowl victory, SportsPLAN Studio has guided the programming and design of a new practice facility at Oregon State. In just seven months, SportsPLAN Studio and BOORA Architects completed programming, site planning, design and bid documents. The project, with its full-size synthetic turf is designed primarily for football, but thoughtful features are included to accommodate soccer, baseball and softball practices as well. The project was completed in September 2001.

The gambrel roof shape recalls the agrarian history of Oregon State and provides maximum clearance down the center of the field to support indoor kicking and passing drills. The Field House is a simple and inexpensive structure enhanced with the University’s preferred blend of brick materials.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

85,000 SF
Full-Size Football Field
Granule-Filled Synthetic Turf Surface
16-foot Sideline Clearance
20-foot Endline Clearance
55-foot Overhead Clearance
Kicking Nets and Batting Cages
Filming Platforms
Game Day Entertainment Kitchen
Continuous Clerestory Daylighting
Project Manager: Joel Leider
Architect of Record: BOORA Architects
Project Cost: $8 million
Owner Reference: Bob deCarolis,
Athletic Director
Completion Date: September 2001
Oregon State University Merritt Truax Indoor CenterOregon State University Merritt Truax Indoor Center