McDaniel College Kenneth R. Gill Stadium Reconstruction

McDaniel College Kenneth R. Gill Stadium Reconstruction
The completion of this project has dramatically enhanced the south gateway and integrated the stadium as an important part of the campus.

We were and are proud that McDaniel College called upon SportsPLAN Studio again. In 2003, we began assisting Marshall Craft Architects in the design of the Leroy Merritt Fitness Center. Our assignment this time has been the planned reconstruction of Kenneth R. Gill Stadium. The project site is nestled into the hillside with a grassy slope for casual seating and a descending promenade walk which traditionally becomes a student fair on game days.

We developed a detailed architectural program for the football and track stadium, press box and team operations. We also calculated spectator sightlines for a 1,200 seat grandstand and assisted the design team in preparing schematic design documents for budget planning and fundraising support.


Feasibility Study
Master Planning
Design Consulting
Equipment Specifications
Operational Planning

Program Features

1,200 Stadium Seats
3,000 SF Press Box and Lounge
Football/Lacrosse Locker Rooms
Athletic Training Facilities
Equipment Management Center
Visiting Team Meeting Room
Food Service Facilities
Spectator Amenities
Project Planner: Joel Leider
Architect of Record: Marshall Craft
Project Cost: $8 million
Owner Reference: Paul Moyer,
Athletic Director
Completion Date: 2012