What differentiates SportsPLAN Studio from the competition?
The principals of SportsPLAN Studio manage every project. We immerse ourselves in the culture and philosophy of your institution to understand your needs and aspirations to create projects that are uniquely yours.


SportsPLAN Studio works with multiple client groups to define and distill diverse goals, and sometimes conflicting visions, into a valid and coherent program statement, master plan or design concept. Because of our experience, we are able to help you create an exceptional, practical facility that works for you.


Having worked with clients like University of Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, Baylor University, Princeton, Georgetown, several Olympic venues, and other institutions of all sizes, SportsPLAN Studio is your “go to” resource for programming, planning and designing your next sports or recreation facility.


What our clients say.

  • University of Oklahoma
    “It is amazing the opportunities this opens up for our team as far as recruiting, giving our players the opportunity to practice better, bringing in better teams and hosting more matches early in the season. It is just a major, major benefit for the program.”
    Mark Johnson
    Head Women’s Tennis Coach
    University of Oklahoma


  • San Francisco State University
    “Making the statement that the building itself is a healthy space carries over into everything that goes on inside that space. All these features are being built into the physical construction, like fresh air and good natural lighting. That will have a positive impact on people's experiences as they use the building.”
    Pam Su
    Director Campus Recreation
    San Francisco State University
  • San Francisco State University
    “This boldly designed facility will become a new campus crossroads, not only making our campus more beautiful but providing tremendous resources for the health and wellness of our campus community.”
    Les Wong, Ph D
    University President
    San Francisco State University
  • San Francisco State University
    “The Mashouf Wellness Center advances the principles of the campus master plan by enriching student life, modeling sustainability and strengthening the university’s public presence at its southern gateway.”
    Wendy Bloom
    Campus Planner
    San Francisco State University
  • Old Dominion University
    “I would recommend that you contact SportsPLAN Studio of Kansas City. I can tell you that these folks were some of the best you could get to work with you. They’re small enough that they give you a real comfort level when you talk/work with them yet have enough experience to get the job done. They can easily take you from feasibility through design, and I would encourage you to consider using their services!”
    R. Kevin Marbury, Ph.D
    Director, Recreational Sports
    Assistant Professor, Exercise Science, P.E. and Recreation
    Old Dominion University


  • Broaddus & Associates
    “Thank you for responding so quickly with all of this work. Your expertise with these planning and design issues has been very valuable in helping the University with these decisions.”
    Stephen Coulston
    Project Manager
    Broaddus & Associates


  • Chicago Bears
    “...their level of responsiveness and attitude was impressive. Our facility needs assessment was accurately made in a timely manner and within an agreed upon budget. This further exemplified Pam Scott’s dedication to our project.”
    Tim LeFevour
    Former Director of Administration
    Chicago Bears


  • Virginia Tech
    “You’ve done an outstanding job for us. Thanks especially for your professionalism. We look forward to the completed project with much enthusiasm, and we will be calling you again to help with our next design/build project.”
    Tom Gabbard
    Associate Athletic Director
    Virginia Tech
  • Miami University
    “I have thought about you several times as this park has been constructed. People have been so complimentary of the design and that credit should go to you. You have a helluva facility in Oxford, Ohio that you designed! It is awesome.”
    Tracy Smith
    Head Baseball Coach
    Miami University
  • Atlanta Olympics 1996
    “Through your efforts we have set new standards of excellence and devotion to the Olympic Movement which will immeasurably benefit future Olympic Games.”
    William Porter Payne
    President and CEO
    The Atlanta Committee of the Olympic Games


  • University of Northern Iowa
    “We see them as being very visionary in the application of ideas and concepts related to the development of the facility. They have the capacity to provide contemporary information in a fashion that has stretched our vision beyond our initial concept paper. They bring a level of detail to the discussion in terms of program design, facility layout, and program management that has provided a unique and comprehensive perspective to our endeavor.”
    Christopher R. Edginton, Ph.D.
    Professor and Director Physical Education and Leisure Services,
    University of Northern Iowa


  • Colorado College
    “As always, YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you!! You have proven, once again, to be an invaluable resource in trying to move us forward on a number of issues. We greatly appreciate your time, effort and expertise. Your background and experience were obvious and left us all with the sense that the College had made the best choice of consultants and architectural firm. Your background and advocacy combined with your ability to ask the right questions based on your personal insight gave us a lasting impression of a truly professional team.”
    Bruce Kola
    Chair of Sports Science, Head Athletic Trainer
    Colorado College

    City of Medford, Oregon
    “Thanks to our fantastic facility, we beat out Seattle in securing the 2011 Men’s Western National Tournament for slow pitch softball. This highly coveted tournament is expected to attract up to 70 teams and generate several hundred-thousand dollars in economic impact for Medford businesses.”
    Brian Sjothun, Director
    Director Parks and Recreation
    City of Medford, OR


With every project assignment, we try to raise the bar, deliver on the vision, make good friends and share some fun.